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PnP TerrainCreator - Wiki

Welcome to the PnP TerrainCreator wiki. This wiki will be a source for all kinds of virtual 3D terrain related questions. Of course, you can find information about the PnP TerrainCreator program in this wiki; tips and tricks, tutorials, etc… Additionally this wiki will contain links to other 3D terrain and rendering related sites and last but surely not least descriptions and tutorials of 3D rendering techniques for all aspects of outdoor 3D rendering.

You are invited to participate in developing this wiki. Simply send an email to and we will create an account for you.

PnP TerrainCreator

  • Tutorials
    PnP TerrainCreator Tutorials.
    Here you can find tutorials for getting started with PnP TerrainCreator as well as tutorials for specific mapping steps.

Resources / Links

  • Game/Graphics Engines
    A list of engines, which are supported by PnP TerrainCreator.
    Here you can find a list of engines for which an exporter exists or can easily be created in PnP TerrainCreator. Furthermore, detailled descriptions about how to use the exporters and how to load the terrains in the engine are provided.
  • Modelling Tools
    A list of recommended 3D modelling tools.
    Here you can find modelling tools, which can be used with PnP TerrainCreator. For each tool, a detailled description is given, how the models/meshes can be exported and used within PnP TerrainCreator.
  • Digital Content Creation
    All kinds of terrain related content creation tools.
    Contains tools like tree or texture generators. Everything which is useful for 3D terrain modelling can be found here.
  • Resource Sites
    3D resource/downloads sites.
    Digital 3D content ready to use… from textures to 3D models and anything in between.

3D Rendering

  • Scene Management
    The basics of rendering terrains: Scene management.
    Quadtrees, Octrees, BSP, Portals, …
  • Terrain Rendering
    Description of all kinds of terrain rendering techniques.
    Heightmap based Terrains, Voxel Terrains, Level-of-Detail Methods, Streaming, …
  • Sky Rendering
    Everything about sky rendering.
    Sky Domes, Sky Boxes, Sky Spheres, Athmospheric Scattering, …
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