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1st Video: PnP TerrainCreator Basics

This is the first video in the video tutorial series of PnP TerrainCreator. It will present to you the very basics of working with PnP TerrainCreator. It is a good starting point before starting work with PnP TerrainCreator. So we strongly encourage everyone to watch it in order to get familiar with the concepts behind PnP TerrainCreator.


  • Prerequists of PnP TerrainCreator
  • Create a first terrain
    • The sector concept
    • Terrain size
  • The user interface
  • The directory structure
  • Editing the terrain
    • 2D heightmap editing
    • 3D heightmap editing
      • Fall-off effects
      • Heightmap filtering


(A high quality version of this video can be downloaded at

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