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Download of export plugin: (current Version: 1.4)

The DXStudio *.dxmesh format is open and based on xml/zip technology. You can open any DXStudio file in a zip viewer (e.g.WinRAR), and the header.xml contains the main description. The exporter plugin for PnP TerrainCreator uses the DXMeshAPI toolkit, provided by Worldweaver, the creators of DXStudio.

How to export to DXStudio

The export dialog for the *.dxmesh format is built very similar to those of e.g. *.x or *.obj files. For a general introduction, see Terrain Export. Some special options were added to ease up the work with DXStudio and might need detailed explanation.

  • Option “Center patches to (0,0)”

By using the “Global positioning” switch, sectors can be exported with their origin (the lower left terrain corner) all being at (0/0). Patches of a terrain sector will always remain a position offset in relation to their sector's origin, though.
In DXStudio (especially when using the Module Manager that comes with new v3.1), it is more comfortable to have sectors and even patches of sectors all being centered on (0/0). Read: By activating “Center patches to (0,0)”, the origin of each sector and patch will be centered on the model (only XZ, not Y), and it will be exported with no location offset. The placing (reassembling of the terrain) inside DXStudio is then up to the user.

  • Option “Set lowest terrain to height 0”

You might want to have the exported terrain 'grounded' (e.g., having the lowest terrain vertex set to height 0), for easier work in the DXStudio editor. Although this could be achieved by pnp TerrainCreator internal operations aswell, it is provided with the exporter for convenience.

  • Option “Delete textures”

Usually, the *.dxmesh file format contains the textures for the model (this is different to e.g. *.x, where the textures happen to be separate files. Actually, they are separate ones in *.dxmesh, too. Just zipped into the file). Upon creation of the dxmesh file, all textures are first exported by PnP TerrainCreator, then added to the *.dxmesh. Usually, the texture files are deleted then. You can enable or disable this by using the “Delete textures” checkbox. This option is only available for texture map export. Texture files will not be deleted when exporting detail maps.

How to load the terrain into DXStudio

As the created files are native *.dxmesh (even using the exporter dll from Worldweaver), meshes can be added to a project/scene the same way as e.g. an exported model from another DXStudio project.

External resource/tutorial sites

(DXStudio Wiki Link)
This is a tutorial about using pnpTC with DXStudio at the dxstudio website wiki.
It handles creation of a basic terrain, exporting it to *.dxmesh and load into DXStudio.

(DXStudio Wiki Link)
The DXMeshAPI, a toolkit to easily export the *.dxmesh format, can be found here.

(DXStudio Forum Post Link)
A forum thread over at the DXStudio boards, dealing with features and testing of the *.dxmesh exporter plugin.

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