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Graphics and Game Engines

This is not an exhaustive list of all available game and graphics engines. It is just a list of engines which have been tested to work with PnP TerrainCreator exportes. Furthermore, it will only list those engines, which are active and have a quality as well as feature set, which allows for an efficient and professional usage of it.

Engines supported by PnPTC

  • 3D GameStudio: A commercial indie game engine with a set of graphical design tools
    Currently PnP TerrainCreator supports the export of the heightmap into HMP format including textures. Export of objects into the native A7 mesh format and the export of the whole scene in WED format is planned for the near future.
  • OGRE: A free and open source graphics engine
    PnP TerrainCreator supports the export of objects into native Ogre mesh formats, the export of the heightmap into PLSM and mesh formats, and the export of the complete scene into the dotScene format.
  • DXStudio: A commercial development environment for creating interactive 3D applications such as games, visualizations and simulations
    PnP TerrainCreator supports the export of terrains into the native DXStudio *.dxmesh format, covering features like terrain patches, textures, lightmaps and vertex reduction.
  • Crystal Space: A open source 3D SDK.
    PnP TerrainCreator supports exporting of terrain to the Crystal Space (CS) paged terrain format and limited scene export. In addition, import of CS meshes is supported for older versions of CS.

(work in progress … to be continued …)

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